BL▲CK † CEILING – D▲Y 7 // broken b▲rbie // ††

21 Dec

For those of you who enjoyed the last witch house post you will probably like this one. BL▲CK † CEILING is one of the few witch house artists I can consistently listen to, mainly because of the samples he uses in a lot of his songs.  Like most witch house songs, all the songs featured below have got a real eerie feel to them, almost satanic.  Be sure to check out his latest EP Wish You Were Heroin available for free download here.

D▲Y 7

broken b▲rbie

†††{re-witched} dubble dose


2 Responses to “BL▲CK † CEILING – D▲Y 7 // broken b▲rbie // ††”

  1. spf5Ø December 25, 2011 at 12:14 am #

    BL▲CK † CEILING is serious stuff! Check out his previous release(also free) here (dubbed by Earmilk’s Shane Tollman Morris as his album of the year 2011!!!).as well his first release with my label(AURAL SECTS) here Just got a cd-r of wish you were heroin in the mail and it’s soooo strong def check him out!

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